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Edith's Editions offers a variety of hand-crafted heirloom cloth dolls.  My dolls make a lovely addition to anyone's doll collection.  Each one is carefully crafted using doll molds designed by various artists including Dianna Effner, Donna Rubert, Ruth Mattingly, and Rose Pinkul.  Once the dolls are created, I design and make the outfits.  At a minimum, my dolls have a dress, slip and pantaloons.  I often include a pinafore and frequently accessorize with flowers or other items.

Edith’s Editions was created in 2002, when I started making dolls and dressing them in heirloom fashions.    I have expanded the selection of clothing available to include country and modern styles.   As time permits, I continue to create diverse outfits for my variety of dolls.

As a dollmaker, I am a relative newcomer who appreciates lovely creations to enhance life and give many hours of pleasure.   My world of dolls began as a doll collector and has grown with the guidance from my mentors, Judy Rankine and Dianne Sims of Jesse Bishop Dolls.   Both Judy and Dianne have done much to assist me in getting started in this wonderful adventure.   Members of my family and my close friends have been and continue to be an encouragement as I develop this business.

I am a licensed Martha Pullen Viking Heirloom instructor.    Many of the special skills necessary for heirloom sewing were acquired through instructions from the experienced teachers at the Martha Pullen schools.  


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